majiinboo asked:
You always post some great stuff and I love the new theme. Who's the girl in the background?

Aw thank you :3 It’s Sky Ferreira - the queen.

Anytime I see Marlon’s abs on my feed, I have to reblog.

I want to do something to myself to celebrate the end of exams. WHAT SHOULD I DO?

Like… a tattoo or a piercing.

P.S. I know so many people are going to reply to this saying “noooo” - so please suggest an apt celebration that I’ll remember…

P.P.S I dyed my hair once before and it looked so bad so I will never do that again.


I’m gonna download the X-Men trilogy and rewatch them all. X-Men 2 is immense.

This is sad, though.

For rudykatoch