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There's a really short poem that you wrote but I can't find it and I thought it would be perfect for the competition. If I remember it had something like 'I do not love/know you yet, but someday I will' I think its something like that. Sorry if this is confusing.


How would you feel if someone got something you wrote tattooed on them?

i would say “wow, thank you. are you really sure about it?”

No, really, it'd be super weird because you used to know me really really well.


I find your blog hilarious and fantastic so I stalk it about once a month because I can't follow you because you know me who I am and it'll be awkward.

just follow me-  it really wouldn’t be awkward (unless you are my mother)

why are you making that face in your avatar

i saw a dick

there are 4 catty lads that want your D

i don’t own the letter D sorry

i find your reblogs very offensive and objectifying of men


your boyfriend reminds me of a disney prince.


are you transgender?


you're so dumb. you're like the dumbest person ever

good observation

no offense...but your face kind of looks grandma-ish
stop posting zayn malik pictures you will never be as good looking as him sorry you're just a shrivelled up pale ratty british fag brat no one cares about


why do gay guys date guys that look exactly like them? it's like you people go to the self-irony route because you're so unable to hide the disgusting homosexual vanity that essentially controls your lives

or maybe a lot of people date people who look like them as a hangover from attempting to strengthen phenotypes by combining similarities

he looks kinda like you and now you're a living cliché. sorry, but… anyway, he's cute.


May we see a picture of the bf, so we can judge for ourselves? I mean, be jealous :)

no thats weird


My name is Ben. I'm 20. I'm from London. I like cats.

cat(s) mewing


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