Anonymous asked:
There's a really short poem that you wrote but I can't find it and I thought it would be perfect for the competition. If I remember it had something like 'I do not love/know you yet, but someday I will' I think its something like that. Sorry if this is confusing.

Anonymous asked:
How would you feel if someone got something you wrote tattooed on them?

i would say “wow, thank you. are you really sure about it?”

Anonymous asked:
No, really, it'd be super weird because you used to know me really really well.


Anonymous asked:
I find your blog hilarious and fantastic so I stalk it about once a month because I can't follow you because you know me who I am and it'll be awkward.

just follow me-  it really wouldn’t be awkward (unless you are my mother)

Anonymous asked:
why are you making that face in your avatar

i saw a dick

Anonymous asked:
there are 4 catty lads that want your D

i don’t own the letter D sorry

Anonymous asked:
i find your reblogs very offensive and objectifying of men


Anonymous asked:
your boyfriend reminds me of a disney prince.


Anonymous asked:
are you transgender?


illyead asked:
Do you study English/Literature/Poetry at school or is it something you do on your free time aside from your studies? How do you learn about poets and authors and books to read? I'm studying biology at my university but I have a passion for poetry and lit but sometimes I feel like I don't know who or what to read.


I don’t! I’m a Biological Natural Scientist myself.

I try to write in my spare time… it’s something I used to do much more of but comments like yours really inspire me to continue. I’m thinking of writing a short story soon (not that I have any semblance of plot in mind!). I really like poetry but I’ve been wanting to write something with a little more structure and purpose. I miss narrative… storytelling and playing with themes in an extended way.

In terms of learning about literature… I’d firstly say that it’s not necessarily books or authors or poets that inspire me. Words and images are everywhere and you just have to listen and look closely around you to realise that there is art in all things. Obviously, reading is immensely important… but the best images I personally think I have ever come up with have struck me whilst looking at something many miles away from any book.

But again, reading is very important for any writer (and I don’t even consider myself a writer… I just like writing). My advice is to read whatever makes you happy… whatever makes you want to write. Don’t force yourself to read “the classics” if you don’t enjoy them. Don’t be afraid to put a book down halfway through if you are taking nothing from it. Ask your friends what their favourite books are… People you trust… and start from there. There is no right or wrong thing to read. There is no right or wrong when it comes to writing. Of course there is bad and good writing and hopefully you will always produce good writing… but it is not impossible to produce good writing having spent years reading bad things. Quite often, I find, I take a lot from a book/experience reading when I have a great conflict with the literature. It’s important to know what you like and don’t like so you can develop your own taste and style.

I think you’ll find also, your writing evolves rapidly as you grow from week to week. Some days it will be better, some days it will be worse. It will change constantly. No one person will sit down on two different days and write the same image. It’s impossible. Imagine describing a rose on a day you are happy and describing the same rose on a day you feel like hiding away forever. There are so many words… so many images to use. I know that for me, personally, I prefer things I’ve written in previous years to things I’ve been writing at the moment. I don’t know whether it’s because I feel a disconnect to those pieces so I can appreciate them more objectively or whether it’s because I am just getting worse at writing. A great big shrug.

Anyway, I hope this helps a little! I know it’s long and… verbose and mostly nonsense but I hope you take a little bit away. And please remember this is all an opinion and it is not the laws and rules of writing because everybody is different and I’m just one uninformed person.

P.S. I hope you don’t mind that I published this. I do want to make people aware that I do care about writing and I think about it a lot and it’s something I really love and not just something I pretentiously indulge in for attention.

Anonymous asked:
you're so dumb. you're like the dumbest person ever

good observation

Anonymous asked:
no offense...but your face kind of looks grandma-ish

Anonymous asked:
stop posting zayn malik pictures you will never be as good looking as him sorry you're just a shrivelled up pale ratty british fag brat no one cares about


Anonymous asked:
why do gay guys date guys that look exactly like them? it's like you people go to the self-irony route because you're so unable to hide the disgusting homosexual vanity that essentially controls your lives

or maybe a lot of people date people who look like them as a hangover from attempting to strengthen phenotypes by combining similarities

spookythingy asked:
he slid his penis out of the hole and shoved in the potato salad. "i want a thanksgiving feast" he grunted, looking at the horror in his nameless partner's eyes. As the starchy mixture of mayonnaise and vegetable slowly rose out of the freshly fucked hole, the man looked into his partner's eyes. "supper," he said, as he bit into the young twinks rectum.

what the actual living christ